Employee Recognition

Employee recognition is important because all civil servants play an important role in providing services to all Islanders and should be recognized and shown appreciation for their work and efforts in upholding the Public Service Values.

The Province of Prince Edward Island is committing to recognizing the leadership, hard work, and dedication of all public servants in exemplifying the values of the Provincial Civil Service. As civil servants, we respect our colleagues and all citizens of our Island. We show integrity by being honest, open, and fair with our work. We are accountable for our work and our actions, and strive for excellence in providing high quality service to citizens and our fellow colleagues. Because of the work you do and how you do it, together we are making the Island a better place!

What Types of Employee Recognition Are There?

2022 Premier's Excellence in Leadership Award
     2022 Recipient Ryan Neale

2022 Annual Premier's Leadership Award for Diversity and Inclusion in the Public Service
2022 Prix du premier ministre pour le leadership en matière de diversité et d'inclusion dans la fonction publique
   2022 Recipient Vicki Allen-Cook

2022 Douglas MacMaster Memorial Occupational Health and Safety Award
     2022 Recipient Jeff Hannam

2022 Departmental Innovation Award
     2022 recipient ITSS

2022 Engagement  and Collaboration Award
     2022 recipient Kerrilee MacConnell

2022 Long Term Service Awards

2022 PEI Policy Hackathon
     Winner of the 2022 Policy Hackathon

Better Together Award: Employee Recognition During COVID-19

Everyday Employee Recognition