2024 Douglas MacMaster Memorial Occupational Health and Safety Award

The Douglas MacMaster Memorial Occupational Health and Safety Award is designed to celebrate individual or team achievements by Government employees in the promotion and development of health and safety. The award honours the work of Doug MacMaster, a long serving employee of the Provincial Forestry program. Doug was a Forest Safety Supervisor who taught safety courses and made great strides to improve worker safety in our forest industry. Sadly, Doug passed away in 2004, and in his memory, we honour others who also make significant contributions to develop safer workplaces on PEI.

We are pleased to present this year’s award to the PEI Liquor Control Commission and PEI Cannabis Management Corporation Occupational Health & Safety Committee. Committee members include Richard Blacquiere, Rhonda Arsenault, Kristen Lawless, Maggie Green, Helena Garnhum, Colin MacDonald, and Maria MacKinnon.

Since establishing this collaborative Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Committee, several initiatives have significantly enhanced workplace safety. The committee has promoted team safety awareness through regular meetings and advocacy, updated practices to reduce hazards, and improved safety inspections, including assessments of indoor air quality and noise levels. They developed new training materials and resources, managed First Aid/CPR needs and training, supported remote and in-person locations, and collaborated with the Charlottetown Fire Department on fire safety. Additionally, they introduced an injury prevention incentive for new and young workers, implementing job shadowing, mentorship programs, and thorough training in fall arrest safety and equipment operation.


Colin MacDonald, Kristen Lawless, Wendell MacMaster, Lynda MacMaster, CEO Tanya Rowell