2024 Premier's Excellence in Leadership Award

This award recognizes a contribution to Government and citizens of PEI, resulting in a positive impact, while demonstrating excellence in leadership that embodies the overarching Public Service Leadership Competencies: Influence and Self Awareness, Builds Relationships, Leads Others, and Focuses on Results.

We are pleased to announce this year's winner as Neil MacNair, Department of Fisheries, Tourism, Sport and Culture, for his leadership and dedication to the aquaculture industry in Prince Edward Island.

Neil has made a significant and positive impact on both Government and Island communities. Starting as a Shellfish Biologist and advancing to Director of the Aquaculture Division, Neil has consistently demonstrated commitment, empathy, and integrity. His leadership is characterized by modesty, kindness, and thoughtfulness, fostering open communication and celebrating team achievements, while advocating for work-life balance and ensuring everyone feels valued and supported.

Neil excels in building relationships, valuing diverse opinions and cultures. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he led the creation of the Oyster Enhancement Fund, addressing the oyster industry crisis and benefiting the broader PEI community. His collaborative approach, seeking input from all stakeholders, exemplifies his commitment to fairness.

Neil's leadership has driven growth and innovation in aquaculture. He has fostered a learning environment, promoting research and development in partnership with industry and Government. His advocacy for new techniques, such as floating bag oyster culture, has revolutionized the industry. Neil’s innovative thinking and stakeholder engagement have led to continuous improvements, inspiring his team to strive for excellence. In the aftermath of post-tropical storm Fiona, Neil's decisive actions in assessing damages and advocating for disaster relief inclusion for aquaculture were crucial. His thorough consultation process and unwavering support for his team highlight his responsibility and focus on high standards and positive outcomes for the industry and community.

Congratulations Neil!

"Neil MacNair, Premier Dennis King"
L-R - Neil MacNair, Department of Fisheries, Tourism, Sport and Culture & Premier Dennis King