Everyday Employee Recognition

Employee recognition can be any words or action that shows their colleague that they are valued and their efforts are appreciated. It can be informal in nature between colleagues by communicating appreciation or small gestures, or formal recognition including awards.…

The following are examples of ways you can recognize your staff or colleagues anytime:
•    Encourage and recognize staff who pursue continuing education;
•    Post a thank you note on an employee’s door;
•    Make a thank you note by hand;
•    Take the time to explain to new employees the norms and culture of your Department;
•    Give special assignments to people who show initiative;
•    Present ‘State of the Department’ reports periodically to your employees acknowledging the work and contributions of individuals and teams;
•    Once a year, have a Staff Appreciation Day where the managers supply, cook, and serve the food;
•    Recognize employees who actively serve the community;
•    Create an Above and Beyond the Call of Duty Award;
•    Ask your boss to attend a meeting with your employees during which you thank individuals and groups for their contributions;
•    Pop in at the first meeting of a special project and express thanks for their participation;
•    Find ways to recognize and reward department specific performance;
•    Write a letter of praise recognizing specific contributions and achievements,  copy senior management and the personnel file;
•    When you hear a positive remark about someone, repeat it to them as soon as possible;
•    Call an employee to your office to thank them – don’t talk about anything else;
•    Greet all employees by name;
•    Support flex-friendly schedules;
•    Use 3x5 cards to write ‘You are a valued Employee because …”; 
•    When someone has spent long hours at work, send a letter of thanks to their home;
•    Recognize those committed to personal health and wellness; and/or
•    Have a team meeting outside the office at a local coffee shop or restaurant.