2024 Departmental Innovation Award

The Departmental Innovation Award is given to the department that best demonstrates an innovative approach to solving a need that benefited a section, division, the department, government as a whole or the general public.

This year’s award goes to the Health Innovation Team and Pharmaceutical Services Team within the Department of Health and Wellness for its advancement in community healthcare services.

Pharmacy Plus PEI, launched by the Health Innovation Team and transitioned to and continued by the Pharmaceutical Services Team, is a pioneering initiative in community healthcare services on Prince Edward Island.

Since starting as a pilot program in October 2022, it has improved healthcare access across the Island. The program contributes to addressing the need for accessible healthcare by expanding the role of community pharmacists, enabling them to deliver essential services without out-of-pocket costs for residents. In January 2023, it expanded to include COVID-19 therapy (Paxlovid) assessments, and by July 2023, pharmacists began assessing and prescribing for conditions like shingles and contraception, completing over 800 assessments for these new conditions. The program now facilitates prescription renewals and assessments for 35 common ailments, including urinary tract infections, COVID-19, allergic rhinitis, and cough.

This innovative program not only improves healthcare outcomes but also sets a sustainable model for community-based healthcare.

Congratulations to Laurae Kloschinsky, Marsha Cusack, Karthika Remanan and their teams!

Assistant Deputy Minister Laurae Kloschinsky, Marsha Cusack, Premier Dennis King, Karthika Remanan, and CEO Tanya Rowell