2024 Engagement and Collaboration Award

The Engagement and Collaboration Award recognizes a contribution to government and citizens of PEI through meaningful engagement with the public and across government, resulting in a positive impact.

This year's award goes to the Primary Care Renewal Project, led by the Primary Care Renewal (PCR) Team with the Department of Health and Wellness, for significantly enhancing primary care services in Prince Edward Island.

The project aims to improve the quality, equity, and patient-focus of care by introducing Patient Medical Homes (PMH) and Patient Medical Neighbourhoods (PMN). These models promote team-based care, integrating multiple providers and services for coordinated healthcare delivery. The project's achievements include extensive efforts to inform and educate stakeholders through presentations and discussions, introducing the concepts and progress of PMHs and PMNs while emphasizing inter-departmental and community partnerships. The PCR team organized engagement meetings and surveys to gather stakeholder feedback, which influenced the development of priorities for PMNs, such as expanding navigational services and communication tools. The project also established collaborative initiatives with various sectors, including Health PEI, the Provincial Library Service, and the Department of Social Development and Seniors. These partnerships led to practical improvements, such as virtual care workshops and enhanced administrative services at Access PEI locations, making healthcare more accessible. Education sessions helped healthcare providers navigate social programs, supporting patients more effectively.

The PCR Project has significantly improved communication and coordination among healthcare providers and community services by fostering a collaborative environment. The project exemplifies meaningful public engagement and inter-departmental collaboration, positively impacting Islanders' health and well-being.

Congratulations to Kelly Trainor, Kelley Rayner, Zachary Rowswell, Tamara Vessey and the entire team!

Kelly Trainor, Kelley Rayner, Clerk of the Executive Council and Secretary to Cabinet
Jamie Aiken, Zachary Rowswell, and Tamara Vessey