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The Province of Prince Edward Island, Veterans Affairs Canada, the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, and the University of Prince Edward Island have partnered to bring you the 6th Edition of Policy Hack: Design. Build. Change. We are excited to host this design innovation case competition. The event is offering the opportunity to create a unique, creative and meaningful professional development event for all of you that also sparks innovative ideas for the public good.

Testimonials on participating in the Policy Hackathon

While the goal is to develop innovative prototypes to help address the issues and needs of our communities, the journey towards this goal is equally important. The collective learning that will emerge from the competition is a vital part of the process. 

The competition aims to strengthen the collaboration and problem-solving capacity of the professionals on Prince Edward Island by providing participants with an opportunity to creatively address complex problems in multi-disciplinary teams of federal, provincial, municipal public servants and the private sector.

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2024 Policy Hackathon Self-Directed Professional Development - Climate Adaptation

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