2020 Winners of the Policy Hackathon

In 2018, Policy Hack: Design. Build. Change. was the first competition of its kind in the province designed to generate real ideas and real solutions to policy challenges. Continuing in an annual tradition, the event teams together public servants from across federal, provincial and municipal governments and the private sector to create solutions to real-world issues affecting government with the end goal of presenting their findings to a panel of judges and creating an impact in government. This event was the result of a partnership between the Province of Prince Edward Island, UPEI, Veterans Affairs Canada, the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency and the Startup Zone.

This year’s redesigned version took place via virtual engagement and participants worked through an intensive, condensed week-long schedule. Approximately sixty individuals from across the provincial government, Veterans Affairs Canada, the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agenda, the University of Prince Edward Island and the private sector participated in creatively addressing complex problems in multi-disciplinary teams.

From left: Premier Dennis King, Clerk of Executive Council Paul Ledwell, 2020 Policy hackathon winners: Bethany Knox (Justice and Public Safety), Mohamed Deeb (IT Shared Services), Cara Squires (Innovation PEI), Eileen Larkin (Health and Wellness), Anna Mallard (UPEI), Coach Maria MacAulay (Health and Wellness)