Leadership Development Pathways in the Government of PEI

Developing our people and our leaders is a strategic goal for the organization in HR planning through succession planning and internal talent mobility. It is also directly linked with higher employee engagement, improved performance, greater innovation, retention of talent and improved employee well-being. We support the growth of our province and promote workplaces where employees are inspired to make a positive impact and proud to shape the future of our Island community. Departments across government have developed human resource plans to recruit, retain and engage knowledgeable and skilled employees to meet these expectations; and the PSC has modernized several ways to obtain leadership development in the Civil Service:

1.    Employee initiated, self-directed leadership study ($ available through the D&T funds);

2.    Pathways to Learning Courses (self-selected based on your learning plan/ needs);

3.    Leaders in Action Program (24 month program; 20 sessions + a retreat + work on a corporate project)

4.     Government of Prince Edward Island's Insights Transformational Leadership Program  (4 month; 4 sessions)

To apply for Leaders in Action, please click on the link above to find out more information on the program and for the electronic application package please send your completed application to Dr. Alaina Roach O'Keefe 

For more information on D&T Funds, please contact developmentandtraining@gov.pe.ca

For more information on Pathways to Learning, please contact learningandyou@gov.pe.ca

For more information on Leaders in Action or the Government of PEI Insights Transformational Leadership Program, please contact Dr. Alaina Roach O'Keefe alroachokeefe@gov.pe.ca.