Leaders in Action Pathway

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Islanders expect and deserve high quality service from all employees. Departments across government are developing human resource plans to recruit, retain and engage knowledgeable and skilled employees to meet these expectations.  Succession planning is a component of these plans with professional development as one of the critical strategies for success. 

The Leaders in Action Pathway is available to all classified civil service employees who are interested in developing their leadership skills and are committed to assuming a senior leadership role and position in the public service as part of their career plan. 

Why do we need the Leaders in Action Pathway?

Evolving Public Service
The Public Service Commission (PSC) wants to build capacity and develop strong leadership within the public service to support government’s strategic directions.

As we head further into the twenty first century, it is evident that public service is evolving and in some cases transforming.  All employees need to be proactive, responsive and collaborative leaders with our citizenry, stakeholders and colleagues.  Three major examples demonstrate some of the shifts that are underway:

  • Technology is advancing to enable e-government, regular use of social media and open data. 
  • Government program development and service delivery is occurring in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environment.
  • The “one size fits all” approach to public service is no longer effective.

Demographics are changing
The current PEI public sector demographics indicate that many employees will soon be in position to retire. With a current provincial population of 153,244 that is increasingly diverse, the need for a representative civil service work force that is able to respond to increasingly complex and diverse requirements is needed.   

2018 Employee Survey
The survey results continue to indicate that employees want ongoing development and career growth opportunities within the public service.  Also, it was indicated that leadership and management skills should be developed and improved on an ongoing basis.   The Leaders in Action Pathway was designed to begin to address both of these findings; and will continue to support the ways in which employees have access to innovative leadership training within the civil service.

Participants will gain the following in the Leaders in Action Pathway

Continually improving leadership and management skill sets are critical in adapting and growing a modern and vibrant public service.  In this way the public service will increase the ability to work collaboratively within government, with the people of PEI and our partners around the world.  Your personal development and growth will help you to lead others.

Here is your opportunity to .....
- Learn the latest theory and explore new technologies
- Broaden your knowledge of Government and its strategic directions for PEI 
- Share your knowledge and experiences 
- Network with colleagues
- Increase self-confidence

Develop in the following areas of leadership
- Self-awareness
- Ethics and values
- Organization awareness
- Client focus
- Relationship development
- People development
- Collaboration and team development 
- Orientation to results
- Strategic and innovative thinking

Work on a corporate project 
As a participant in the pathway you will be expected to actively contribute to a corporate project that will be determined by senior leadership.  It is intended that the results of your project work will have a positive impact for one of government’s public service priorities.    

Both your learning sessions and support for the corporate project will be provided by both internal and external, public and private sector, subject content experts.

What is expected of participants in the Leaders in Action Pathway

As a participant in the Leaders in Action Pathway, you will be expected to:

  • Attend one to two days of pre-scheduled learning sessions per month, over an eighteen to twenty- four month period. 
  • Develop a personal learning plan.
  • Complete five hours, on average, per month on individual learning,
  • Participate actively in a corporate project.

Who was eligible to apply?

The Leaders in Action Pathway is accessible to all classified civil service employees, regardless of position.  This will enable employees to develop and grow leadership skills and knowledge.  Employees who are selected to participate in this pathway should have the desire to assume senior leadership roles and positions within the public service.     

A diverse group of twenty-four (24) employees from across the civil service will be selected to participate in the cohort for the launch of this pathway.   

Who is responsible for the Leaders in Action Pathway?

The Deputy Minister Council (DMC) Ad hoc HR Sub-Committee is providing oversight to the Pathway.

The PSC is responsible for the development of this pathway.  The Corporate HR Planner, with designated PSC resources, will administer and coordinate the program. 

Application and selection process

1.Applications are submitted to the Corporate HR Planner.
2.The PSC compiles an inventory of the applications.
3.The application forms are ranked based on consistent corporate evaluation criteria.
4.There is at least one participant from each department.
5.The DMC Ad hoc HR Sub-Committee selects participants.
6.All applicants are informed of their application outcome on the same day, March 31, 2019.

Will there be other Leaders in Action pathway available in the future?
The DMC recognizes the importance of investing in individuals who are ready, willing and able to continue their development and commit to assuming the responsibilities of senior leadership positions within the public service on an ongoing basis.  There was a cohort 2017-2018; and the second cohort application process begins this February 2019 with a deadline of March 1, 2019. Please see application materials below for more information.

Leaders in Action Application Form

Leaders in Action Information