French Courses and Learning Opportunities for Provincial Government Employees


French language training term courses and half-day workshops are available this spring with the University of Prince Edward Island. The university’s Office of Continuing Education and Professional Development and its partner, the Centre d’excellence en français, are looking forward to offering French language courses and training to our organization.  This year all courses are available during regular working hours.

The following also contains information about our NEW! French Language Training Incentive Program for civil service employees and NEW! Moodle self paced french language training.

Please register using our webform

The French Language Training Incentive Program is broken into three initiatives;
•    Progressive monetary incentives for employees to complete courses at various levels;
•    A maintenance program (with monetary incentive) for French speaking employees at an advanced level;
•    Active Offer Training program (coming in 2024)

A complete breakdown of the program, including how to register, is available on our website under French Language Training Incentive Program.

If you have any questions, please email

All courses are held virtually over Zoom.

Spring term: May 6th to June 14th, 2024

Virtual Courses for 2024 Spring Semester (6 weeks)
•    FR 1020A - Beginner 2A (Tuesdays, 11:00 - 11:50 a.m.) FULL
•    FR 1020B - Beginner 2B (Tuesdays, 3:00 - 3:50 p.m.) FULL
•    FR 2020A - Intermediate 2A Mastering French Pronunciation (Thursdays, 12:05 - 12:50 p.m.)
•    FR 2020B - Intermediate 2B Effective Written Communications: Letters & Emails (Tuesdays, 12:05 - 12:50 p.m.)

Information and course descriptions are available on UPEI’s webpage: French for Government of PEI Employees | University of Prince Edward Island (

Unsure of what course your should register for? Please visit UPEI French Level Placement - Self-Assessment

Please register using our webform. Register early as space is limited.

If you have any questions, please email

French Language Training Half-Day Workshops - all workshop will be in person
•    L'Art de la communication : faire la différence dans le service aux clients - TBD
•    Écrire efficacement en français : lettres et courriers électroniques - TBD
•    Maîtrise des temps verbaux en français - 1er atelier- TBD
•    Maîtrise des temps verbaux en français – 2e atelier - TBD
•    La communication inclusive en français - TBD

Course descriptions are available on our webpage: French Language Training Half-Day Workshops

Please register using our webform. Register early as space is limited.

If you have any questions, please email

UPEI also leads virtual conversation groups for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels that offer a great opportunity to practice your French, exchange with colleagues and ask questions in an informal setting.  They don’t require a registration or regular commitment and you can join any time of the week depending on your schedule. If you are interested, please communicate with For technical support, please email

Sessions last between 30 and 45 minutes.

Spring term schedule is from May 6th until June 14th, 2024

The Public Service Commission is offering you the opportunity to learn French with the Babbel online app.

Employing the latest didactic research, Babbel gives you skills to use right away, enabling learners to immerse themselves in a new language.  This method of learning through conversation also teaches vocabulary actively and passively.  Babbel guides your brain to connect the dots by passively learning new information based on the dialogue's context.  This empowers you to actively use passively learned words, giving you the confidence to start talking right away. 

You can use Babbel on your computer, tablet, or smartphone and pick up where you left off on a different device - your progress will be synced automatically!

The number of subscriptions is limited and paid for as long as you maintain an average of 60 minutes of usage weekly.

If you are interested, please communicate with with your employee ID and department name.

Topics Offered:

Verb Form and Vocabulary Acquisition Exercises
As a participant, you will review common verb forms, increase your vocabulary, and be prompted to practice your French pronunciation.

Topics include:
-   using verbs formed with the past participle
-   understanding designations and professional titles
-   using adverbs ending in "ment"
-   building vocabulary
-   applying knowledge through practice drills

Interactive Grammar Modules
As a participant, you will learn to strengthen your reading and writing skills and improve the quality of the written material you produce in French.

Topics Include:
-   verbs
-   pronouns
-   possessives and demonstratives
-   indirect speech
-   complex sentences

Master Key Competencies in Oral and Reading Comprehension
As a participant, you will review the theory behind different language functions, and use practical, theory-based exercises to apply your advanced French language skills in common workplace situations.

Topics Include:
-   convincing others
-   comparing and summarizing ideas
-   advising others and sharing opinions
-   articulating a hypothesis
-   explaining cause and effect

Vocabulary Consolidation: Four Professional Communication Topics
As a participant, you will put your knowledge of French vocabulary to the test by completing suggested practice activities at the end of each topic.

Topics Include:
-   project management
-   performance at work
-   client service
-   values and ethics

How do I Complete the French Language Moodle Training?

For staff with an existing Moodle account, use your credentials to login.  For new users, please follow the steps below to self-register for the French Language Moodle Training:

1.  Follow the link which will direct you to PEI government Moodle website:

2.  Create your Moodle user account using your PEI government or Health PEI issued email address.

3.  You will receive a confirmation email asking you to authenticate the registration details.

4.  Complete your profile during the enrollment process.

5.  Respond to the webinar course content at your own pace.

What if I Can’t Login to My Moodle Account?

If you are experiencing technical issues logging into your Moodle account, check and ensure Cookies are enabled on your browser. If after enabling your cookies the problem persists, call (902) 620-3600 or email the Service Centre ( for assistance.

Atelier Insights

Durée : Une demi-journée
Public : Toutes et tous les employées

Dans cet atelier interactif, vous aurez l'occasion d'apprendre à vous connaître et à connaître les autres en découvrant les préférences associées aux types de personnalité qui affectent le comportement et la communication au travail et dans vos relations personnelles.

•    Comprendre votre propre personnalité
•    Apprendre comment les préférences associées aux types de personnalités affectent les relations
•    Apprendre différentes techniques de communication interpersonnelle)

Application dans le milieu de travail
•    Amélioration de la prise de décisions
•    Amélioration de la communication avec vos collègues et vos clients
•    Amélioration de l’efficacité d’équipe