Pathways for Learning Information

The Public Service Commission offers Pathways for Learning so that all public service employees have the opportunity for personal and professional growth and development at every career stage. Various workshops facilitated by experts on the topic are offered to assist employees whether they are entering the public service, advancing to senior management, or transitioning to retirement. Registration must be approved by your manager.

What types of sessions are offered?

The objective of Pathways for Learning is to help you develop workplace skills and grow as an employee. Full-day and half-day sessions are offered to introduce you to the way government works, strengthen your leadership and management skills, enhance your business and personal effectiveness, support your personal health and well being, and transition to a healthy retirement. The descriptions and learning objectives for each session offered and the current schedule is listed below. 

What is the fee to register?

There is no cost to register for a learning session. Travel and back-fill expenses may be assumed by your department, at your manager’s discretion.

How do I register?

Confirm the date and location for the session you plan to attend and complete the online registration. See the course calendar for dates and times.

Registration is received first come, first served. A waiting list may be created with additional sessions offered according to demand and facilitator availability.

Is funding available to take a course from another training provider? 

Yes, you can apply for funding to attend training through the Training and Development Fund, Unionized / Excluded.    

Development and Training Application (Web-form)
Development and Training Fund PDF (Unionized)

Can I withdraw from a session after I register?

The success of any workshop depends on attendance, so please make every effort to get to your session.

If you are registered for a session and unable to attend, first notify your manager. Another employee in your unit may be able to attend in your place.  Also, please contact the PSC at or 902-368-6175 or 902-368-4186. Another employee may be on the wait list and it may be possible to register you for the session at another time, if one is offered.

What happens during a delay or closure?

On occasion, a session may be cancelled, postponed or rescheduled due to a circumstance beyond the control of the PSC, i.e. low registration or a weather delay or closure. You will be notified of the new date, time and location or cancellation of a session.