Transition Into Retirement: Pension & Benefits Session

Transitions and Retirement Pension & Benefits Session
Length: 3.5 to 4 hours
Audience: All employees

This half day session will help you to plan for your retirement. The day begins with a look at the non-financial aspects of the retirement phase of your life. Preparation for retirement can be exciting and confusing. Learn about the many different things to consider when preparing for retirement. This session will help you to set realistic expectations for your retirement.

Topics covered:

Human Resources
-  Pre-retirement planning
-  Payroll Responsibilities
-  Insurance Plan

Service Canada
-  Contributions to your Canada Pension Plan, what to expect?
-  Old Age Security
-  Accessing Service Canada services

Pension and Benefits
-  Civil Service Superannuation Fund (CSSF) Overview
-  CSSF Annual Pension Statement
-  How your pension benefit is calculated

Facilitators: Internal and external, various presenters - Provincial Government Human Resources, Provincial Government Pension and Benefits and Service Canada. (Canada Pension and Old Age Security)

Location - Virtual

Upcoming session: More sessions TBA for Fall 2024 / Winter 2025

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