Occupational Health and Safety Accident Reporting Procedures

All accidents and incidents must be investigated by the immediate supervisor/manager (within the Department) as soon as possible and preferably within 48 hours. The investigation should include viewing the scene of the accident or incident with the worker involved and the OHS committee or representative where available. The Public Service Commission Accident/Incident Report must be completed and forwarded to the Occupational Health and Safety Section of the PSC including recommendations in order that similar accidents/incidents can be prevented. Accidents and incidents of a more serious nature should be reported to and investigated by the Occupational Health and Safety Section of the PSC.

(a)    When first aid is required, the injured worker should:

  • Obtain first aid treatment;
  • Ensure that injury details and treatment are recorded in the incident book; and
  • Report the accident to the supervisor.

(b)    When medical aid is required: 

  • The injured worker should, where possible, obtain first aid treatment and report the incident to the supervisor before going to a physician;
  • The supervisor shall investigate, determine the cause and initiate steps to correct it, and complete the accident report;
  • The supervisor shall complete and submit the WCB Employer’s Report of Accident form (Form 7) to WCB with a copy to the Public Service Commission OHS Section;
  • The injured worker shall complete the WCB Worker’s Report of Accident form (Form 6) and send it directly to the WCB office; and
  • The attending physician shall complete the Physician’s Report of the Accident (Form 5) and forward it to the WCB Office.
  • In January 2001, WCB made the decision that a Form 7 and Form 6 must be completed and submitted to WCB for every “reoccurrence of an old injury” claim.  A copy of the Form 7 is to be forwarded to the Public Service Commission OHS Section.

(c)    When critical workplace injuries occur:

  • To report critical workplace injuries, call toll free 1-800-237-5049 or call the Worker's Compensation Board OHS emergency line at (902) 628-7513.  An officer is on call 24 hours a day.
  • Also, if the injury occurs during normal working hours Monday to Friday, please contact the Occupational Health and Safety Section of the Public Service Commission at (902) 368-5491.

How serious must an accident be before an employer is required to report it to WCB-OHS Division? Report to OHS at WCB when the accident is serious enough to:

  • Place life in jeopardy;
  • Produce unconsciousness;
  • Result in substantial loss of blood;
  • Involve the fracture of a leg, arm, hand or foot;
  • Involve the amputation of a leg, arm, hand or foot;
  • Cause burns to a major portion of the body; or
  • Cause the loss of sight in an eye.

Note: In the case of a critical workplace injury that is reported by phone, employers must still file the usual Employer’s Report of Accident form with WCB.

The accident site is not to be disturbed until the investigation is completed.