French Language Training Incentive Program

This program’s intentions are to increase the number of employees participating in French language training and increase proficiency level amongst those that are bilingual including those with a background in French Immersion. This program aims to support career development and increase opportunities for employees to apply for designated bilingual positions. In addition, an increase in employees with French knowledge and skills will ultimately support more client centric services to Island residents, including the Acadian and Francophone community, and support departments and their ability to offer services in French.


Guiding Principles:

The French Language Training Incentive Program offers learning opportunities for bilingual and unilingual employees.

The primary goal is to maintain and improve the quality of French language services offered through provincial government by maintaining and improving the quality of French used.

The secondary goal is to offer development opportunities for all government employees wishing to learn French.


Program Details:

The French Language Training Incentive Program is broken into three initiatives:

  1. Progressive monetary incentives for employees to complete courses at various levels;
  2. A maintenance program for French speaking employees at an advanced level; and
  3. The implementation of an Active Offer (coming 2024) training program.

1.0 Initiative    Course Completion
Employees will receive monetary incentives upon completions and passing mark from UPEI. Incentive amounts increase per course level.

Upon registration employees must demonstrate previous coursework. Those unsure of level may consider UPEI’s  French Level Placement - Self-Assessment and course descriptions available on UPEI’s webpage: French for Government Employees. Eligible employees will automatically be enrolled in this initiative during registration.

Course level     Incentive amount per employee upon course completion and passing status from UPEI
PD 1010 Beginner 1 (version A) (fall - 10 weeks) $200
PD 1010 Beginner 1 (version B) (winter - 10 weeks) $200
PD 1030 Beginner to Intermediate Bridging Cohort (fall and winter - 20 weeks) $350 (for each semester upon completion)
PD 2010 Intermediate 1 (version A) (fall - 10 weeks) $400
PD 2010 Intermediate 1 (version B) (winter - 10 weeks) $400
PD 2030 Intermediate to Advanced Bridging Cohort (fall and winter - 20 weeks) $500 (for each semester upon completion)
PD 2021 Intermediate 3 (fall - 10 weeks) $450
Advanced Written and Oral Communications (winter - 10 weeks) $550

Incentive 2.0 – French Maintenance Program
French Maintenance Program - This incentive supports employees with an advanced level of French or higher. Employees will participate in a minimum of two, half-day workshops and a minimum of ten virtual conversation group. Upon registration, employees may choose two out of five scheduled workshops. Workshops are in person at UPEI’s Professional Development Center. Virtual conversation group times vary through the year; employees in this program will be given priority access to advanced level groups to choose which session times work best for them.

Upon registration, employees must demonstrate previous coursework and\or rating from PSC’s French Language Proficiency Assessment to be considered for this program. To register for the French Maintenance Program please fill out our Question Pro form. Your acceptance into this initiative will be verified by an email form the Public Service Commission.

Incentive amount per employee upon completion of the French Maintenance Program (must be completed by March 14, 2024).  


Initiative 3.0 – Active Offer Training Program Coming in 2024

Employees complete newly developed Active Offer Training Program.  


Eligibility Criteria:

  • The French Language Training Incentive Program is open to all civil employees, including seasonal or casual recall employees but availability for the courses is limited. Access to training will be prioritized according to the French Language Services Act of Prince Edward Island 2020-2027 Strategic Framework's general priority sectors: Communications and access to information, Health, Education and Social Services.
  • Enrollments to French Language Training Incentive Program are assessed considering first, the priority sectors, and second, the sub-section 8.03 FRENCH LANGUAGE TRAINING of the Human Resource Policy and Procedures Manual:
  • Priority Level 1: An employee whose position is designated bilingual.
  • Priority Level 2: An employee whose position within a division supports and complements an existing bilingual position; or a manager whose division has designated bilingual positions.
  • Priority Level 3: An employee whose position, although not related to a bilingual position as above, might be called from time to time to serve the public in both official languages.
  • Priority Level 4: An employee who wishes to receive French language training for career purposes within the Prince Edward Island Government.
  • Eligible departments covered under the French Language Training Program are as follows:

o    Agriculture

o    Justice and Public Safety

o    Economic Development, Innovation and Trade

o    Museum and Heritage Foundation

o    Education and Early Years*

o    PEI Cannabis Management Corporation

o    Environment, Energy and Climate Action

o    PEI Liquor Control Commission

o    Executive Council Office

o    PEI Public Service Commission

o    Finance

o    Social Development and Seniors

o    Fisheries, Tourism, Sport and Culture

o    Transportation and Infrastructure

o    Health and Wellness

o    Workforce, Advanced Learning and Population

*Education and Early Years employees are eligible for French Language Training (except for teachers who are currently teaching or will be teaching within the coming year and school board employees.) Teachers may communicate directly with the French Programs Coordinator at 902-438-4859 for departmental funding if they wish to take French Language Training. The French Language Training Incentive Program is not open to members of PEITF (and teachers who are currently teaching or will be teaching within the coming year and school board employees).

  • All civil seasonal\casual recall employees are eligible for the French Language Training Incentive program.
  • Employees of agencies, boards and commissions, who are subject to the French Language Training Act are not eligible for this program but are eligible for the French Language Training Government Institution Program which covers 50% of the course cost.
  • Employees must be eligible for the incentive program at the time of registration to be considered.


Applicant Responsibilities:

  • If you must withdraw from the course within the deadline established by UPEI, please notify the Fund administrator immediately at 902-368-6175 or
  • Employees must notify Learning and Development Administrator at (902) 368-6175 or email if they switch departments or their employment status changes during duration of the course. Employees must remain eligible during duration of the course to be eligible for incentive.
  • Participants are expected to attend all scheduled classes. If an employee must miss a class due to extenuating\unforeseen circumstances, it is the employee’s responsibility to make arrangements with their facilitator to obtain missed materials and lessons.
  • All courses must be completed by the last scheduled course date set by UPEI to receive incentive payment.
  • All incentive payments are taxable benefits and will be processed through the normal pay process. All initiatives will be completed by March 15, 2024 to allow for payments to be processed before the end of the fiscal year. For further information on taxable benefits please visit Canada Revenue Agency’s website.


For more information, please see the French Language Training Incentive Program Guidelines. (Lignes directrices du programme d'incitatifs à la formation en français.)

If you have any questions, please contact the Learning and Development Administrator at (902) 368-6175 or email