Your Retirement Finances Workshop

This session has limited seating for 10 employees and one guest.
Length: 4 hours
Audience: All employees

During this session, an experienced chartered accountant and financial advisor will work with you. This workshop involves hands-on calculations using your own personal numbers to determine your financial readiness to retire. To get the most benefit from the session, you should prepare by assembling your personal financial numbers.

During the session the facilitator will review with you financial considerations and demonstrate (using your own situation) how your current savings and income will add up to provide you with income in your retirement. This workshop will use approximations and general guidelines and is only one step in reaching a retirement decision.

It is important that you bring as much of your personal financial information as possible to maximize the benefit of this workshop. As marital status is considered, if you are married or living common-law, you should accumulate the same information for your spouse, as retirement may be a joint planning effort. Each employee may bring a guest with them. Please identify if you plan to bring a guest when you register.

The financial information that you should have to review your readiness to retire includes:

-    Your Canada Pension Plan Statement of Contributions
-    A summary of your savings and investments
-    Your income and expenses
-    Plans for retirement that will impact your finances

You work with your own information. Confidentiality of participants is respected throughout the workshop.

Information Contacts:
Matt Barlow, 368-6175,                          
Alaina Roach O'Keefe, 368-4186,

Facilitator: External - Blair Corkum