Working from Unconscious Bias to Conscious Inclusion

Length:        1/2 day session
Audience:   All employees, administrative support, supervisors, managers senior Executives, leaders

The human brain is hardwired to show bias. In fact, while many may not realize it, everyone has biases that can unintentionally affect decision-making and impede strategic priorities. This workshop will introduce the concept of unconscious bias and highlight ways that it may impact choices that are made within our organizations: communications, recruitment/selection, procurement, customer service, conflict resolution, job classification, performance reviews, promotions and so on.

-    Describe what unconscious bias is and how it operates in both individuals and in organizations.
-    Identify filters, patterns and nuances of unconscious bias.
-    Increase awareness about unconscious bias and misinformation that individuals carry about people from diverse cultures/groups.
-    Identify practical strategies that participants can employ to disrupt unconscious bias in workplace settings.

Facilitator: Crystal Taylor – Ebony Consulting

About the Facilitator:

All of the PSC’s new diversity and inclusion virtual courses are designed and delivered by Crystal Taylor, Founder, CEO and President of the Ebony Consulting. Crystal is a results-driven facilitator; award-winning diversity strategist, policy analyst, adult educator and coach with a passion for helping organizations and individuals build the cultural capacity they need to achieve their inclusion objectives. Crystal has helped clients in federal, provincial and municipal government levels, post-secondary and private industry embrace their human capital, unleash their diversity potential and transform their organizational cultures by infusing inclusion into their policies, practices and strategic directions.