Work Life Balance

Length:         2.5 hours
Audience:     All Employees

Is work is having a negative effect on your personal life (or maybe your personal life is impacting negatively on your work?) Do you often feel you don’t get enough time for yourself? Perhaps feeling stressed about how much you have to get done in the run of a day? People who successfully implement work life balance are more fulfilled, have better health, increased work performance and strengthened work and personal relationships and reduced conflict. This participatory half-day course will help you gain personal insight into where the challenges lie and identify research-based strategies to move towards a feeling of balance that will increase productivity and fulfilment at work and home.

Learning Outcomes:  Awareness of impact of not having work life balance. Personal awareness of how your time is currently spent, including where time might be used ineffectively. Identify opportunities for increasing the amount of time spent on priorities.

Facilitator: Karolyn Godfrey - Winding Path Inc.