Wellness Webinars

Based on employee feedback, a new “Wellness Webinar” series will be piloted. These will be short 10-minute virtual mindfulness meditation sessions during the lunch hour to support employee mental health and well-being. To participate, please register by clicking the title of the session(s) below. Upon registration, you will receive a confirmation email with details on how to attend the session via Microsoft Teams. The webinars are open to anyone and no previous experience is required.

Wellness Webinars


Mindful Movement - This short meditation guides you through deep breathing and some simple light stretches. This exercise will help you to relax and release tension.

Wednesday, Nov. 30 at 12pm

Body Relaxation - This meditation brings your attention to different parts of your body to help you relax and release tension.

Wednesday, Dec. 7 at 12pm

Meditation for Anxiety & Stress - This meditation encourages you to focus on your breathing and to be in the present moment to reduce anxiety and stress.

Wednesday, Dec. 14 at 12pm