Valuing Diversity in the Workplace

Length:        3 hours
Audience:    Employees / HR managers/HR Assistants / Managers

“Valuing Diversity” in the Workplace is designed to provide participants with an opportunity to become familiar with diversity concepts, as well as practical tips on acknowledging diversity in the workplace on a broader scale.  Departments are encouraged to use workforce planning as a strategic approach to identify and address the workforce in regards to representation, developing diversity, and inclusion strategies  in order to foster a diverse, inclusive and welcoming workplace.
•    Learn diversity definitions, dimensions and importance of diversity management
•    Acknowledge people's differences and recognize these differences as valuable
•    Understand what cultural diversity is and its importance in the workplace
•    Learn the different issues related to diversity and some ways on how to approach them
•    Learn how culture affects communication
•    Have an appreciation for the cultural diversity on Prince Edward Island
•    Understand your own responsibility in promoting diversity in the workplace
•    Learn the necessary skill and practical tips required in the diversity management process
•    Make personal commitment to diversity

Facilitator(s): Thilak Tennekone