Valuing Diversity in the Workplace

Length:        3 hours
Audience:    Employees / HR managers/HR Assistants / Managers

Valuing Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace is designed to provide staff at all levels of the government with an opportunity to participate in D&I training, become familiar with diversity concepts, as well as practical tips on acknowledging diversity in the workplace and supporting inclusive work environment.  Departments are encouraged to use workforce planning as a strategic approach to identify and address the workforce in regards to representation, developing diversity, and inclusion strategies in order to foster a diverse, inclusive and welcoming workplace.
-    Learn diversity definitions, dimensions and importance of diversity management
-    Acknowledge people's differences and recognize these differences as valuable
-    Understand what cultural diversity is and its importance in the workplace
-    Learn the different issues related to diversity and some ways on how to approach them
-    Learn how culture affects communication
-    Recognize how assumptions related to diversity can influence outcomes in and program implementation    
-    Have an appreciation for the cultural diversity on Prince Edward Island
-    Understand your own responsibility in promoting diversity in the workplace
-    Learn the necessary skill and practical tips required in the diversity management process
-    Make personal commitment to diversity

Facilitator: Thilak Tennekone and guests