Unconscious Bias in the Workplace Webinar (UBWW)


The Government of Prince Edward Island is committed to providing an organizational climate and culture that is engaging, inclusive and diverse.  Together, we can achieve and sustain an inclusive and bias-free work environment that recognizes, respects, accommodates, and celebrates the diversity of individuals.

As a government, we acknowledge that our employees are invaluable assets, and we want to attract and retain the best talent to support the delivery of quality public services. We recognize that our population continues to become increasingly diverse and interconnected. We aim to build an inclusive public sector workforce that is a representative of the unique identities, differences, and cultures that exist within our wider community; guided by our core Public Service Values:  respect, integrity, accountability and excellence.  

What is the Unconscious Bias in the Workplace Webinar (UBWW)?

The UBWW is a voluntary, complimentary, course offered by the Public Service Commission. All staff are encouraged to complete this webinar. It takes approximately one hour and a half, is self-paced and will help public service employees deepen their understanding of unconscious biases by examining the meaning of unconscious bias in the workplace; identifying different types of biases; presenting ways that biases can negatively influence workplace decision-making; and providing different strategies to mitigate unconscious biases at both professional and personal interactions, thus, cultivating an environment of acceptance and appreciation for diverse individuals of all backgrounds, beliefs and experiences.

This webinar is meant to be as self-interactive as possible, thus, you are provided with short quizzes and activities that will help you reflect on how your biases, attitudes, perceptions, and beliefs impact on your ability to be objective and inclusive at work. All responses provided are confidential for your own reflection, and they are not saved in Moodle, and will not be disclosed to anyone.

How do I Complete UBWW?

For staff with an existing Moodle account, use your credentials to login.  For new users, please follow the steps below to self-register for the UBWW:

1.  Follow the link which will direct you to PEI government Moodle website:   https://moodle.gov.pe.ca/moodle/login/index.php.

2.  Create your Moodle user account using your PEI government or Health PEI issued email address.

3.  You will receive a confirmation email asking you to authenticate the registration details.

4.  Complete your profile during the enrollment process.

5.  Respond to the webinar course content at your own pace.

6.  Complete the webinar evaluation form and submit your feedback. 

What if I Can’t Login to My Moodle Account?

 If you are experiencing technical issues logging into your Moodle account, check and ensure Cookies are enabled on your browser. If after enabling your cookies the problem persists, call (902) 620-3600 or email the Service Centre (servicecentre@gov.pe.ca) for assistance.