Steps for Employees to consider when Learning Through Feedback

  1. Read the manual on the tools, expectations and how to do the Learning Through Feedback process with your supervisor. The Learning Through Feedbackexperience is designed to be available for all public service employees. Use the tools provided so that there is a consistent understanding and experience of the process and tools for all employees.

  2. Get your anniversary date from your supervisor and book your meeting to Learning Through Feedback.

  3. Pick the tool(s) that you want to use for Learning Through Feedback and get agreement from your supervisor on the tool(s) chosen while booking your date for your meeting.

  4. This process is for formal feedback and will improve what your understanding is of what the goals, priorities and values are of Government and of your Department. 
    Informal feedback is also very important. All employees are encouraged to have frequent communication among themselves and with their supervisor.