Steps for Director, Managers and Supervisors to consider when Learning Through Feedback

  1. Read the detailed manual on the tools and expectations and how to do the Learning Through Feedback process with your staff. The Learning Through Feedback experience is designed to be available for all public service employees. Use the tools provided so that there is a consistent understanding and experience of the process and tools for all employees.

  2. Gather employees anniversary dates to give to employees.

  3. Meet with employees to introduce what Learning Through Feedback is. Answer any questions they may have. This is a new process and if you don’t have the answers, tell them but find out and get back to your staff. Inform them that it is a requirement for every employee (even yourself with your supervisor) of government. Inform them that it will improve feedback, performance and their engagement in their job.

  4. Request each employee to book time with you to have your Learning Through Feedback meeting on their anniversary date. When they book their time with you, determine which Learning Through Feedback tools you will use for their discussion.

  5. Give employees the website that they can read the employee manual and see the tools which are available to use for Learning Through Feedback. Give them time to pick the tool that suits their position and learning style.

  6. Ensure your door is always open for both informal and formal communication.