Public Service Leadership Competencies Framework

The Public Service Commission is pleased to have a Public Service Leadership Competencies Framework for the Civil Service. The Framework  is aligned with the vision for a public service that is collaborative, innovative, streamlined, high performing, adaptable and diverse (GOC, 2016). It reflects the complexity of public service leadership roles. The Leadership Competencies Framework includes the archetypal leadership competencies of: leading others and creating vision, building relationships and fostering teamwork, influence and self awareness, and focusing on results.

The leadership competency framework contains:
- A preamble that sets out the fundamental expectations of leadership within the public service context
- Four competencies and accompanying definitions and examples of effective behaviours
- Self assessments for each competency
- Alignments with the Insights Transformational Leadership ™ profile

Watch this video or copy and paste this link into your browser: to learn more about how you and your colleagues can use the Public Service Leadership Competencies.

Leadership Competencies Poster

The Four Competencies & 12 Elements

Self Assessments

PS Leadership Competencies Framework

Leadership Competencies Slide Deck