Productivity, Organizational Skills and Time Management

Length:       2.5 hours
Audience:  All employees

This course is focused on:

-    Increasing understanding of the basic foundational behaviors of good time management and sustainable productivity, including how to reduce procrastination.
-    Exploring how the natural tendency to prefer that those we work with use behavior and workstyles similar to our own can negatively impact our energy and productivity, if differences are not valued and managed.
-    Exploring what this means in a virtual/remote work environment and tools to support.

Learning Outcomes: Increased understanding of the behaviors which are the foundational pieces of time management, organization, and sustainable productivity. Develop an understanding of the impact the tendency to prefer behaviour and workstyles similar to our own has on our work and the importance of valuing and managing differences for our productivity and workplace satisfaction.

Facilitator: Karolyn Godfrey - Winding Path Inc.