Mandatory RIM Training

RIM Basics 101

Who is required to take the training?
This training is mandatory for all PEI Government employees, civil and health.  All training will be tracked. Employees will be required to sign a “waiver” following the sessions to indicate that they understand the material presented.

If I have already taken the 3 day RIM training does that count?
No. The content of the RIM Basics contains new information that was not previously covered in the 3 day RIM training.

What about Online Module Training?
The Online Module training is now available and instructions on registration are found on the Online training page.  Employees will be required to sign a “waiver” following the sessions to indicate that they understand the material presented. 

Creating a Moodle account for GPEI Learning Management System and Registering for the RIM Basics 101 Course.
1.    Surname In a browser, navigate to
2.    In the top right corner, click Log in.
3.    Click Create new account.
4.    Complete the required fields for:
Username – recommended to use your network login.
Email address – must be your government email address
First name
5.    Click Create my new account.
6.    You will receive a confirmation email with a link that you must click to activate your account.
7.    After you click the link, you are given a success message. Click Continue.
8.    On the GPEI Learning Management System page, select the course you would like to take:
RIM Basics 101 English
RIM Basics 101 French
9.     On the Enrolment options page, click Enroll me.
10.   You will receive an email confirming your enrolment.
11.    Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the course.

What are the Learning Objectives?

  • Learn the difference between a record, official record and transitory record
  • Learn about the benefits of utilizing a uniform File Classification System
  • Learn about Records Retention & Disposition Schedules and how to apply them to your work records, both paper and electronic
  • Learn about your responsibilities for records management
  • Learn about why records are important
  • Learn about resources to help you get started (PARO, Departmental RIM Coordinators)

What are the applications in the workplace?
It is important that all employees understand that they have an obligation to manage information properly on a daily basis so that they can: 

  • Comply with the Archives & Records Act and other Federal /Provincial Legislation
  • Destroy records legally by applying approved Records Retention & Disposition Schedules
  • Reduce storage by eliminating non-records or moving inactive records to alternate storage sites
  • Organize records for easy access and improved efficiency
  • Safeguard vital and historical information.

Why do you need to learn about RIM?
There are many reasons to practice good records management but our goal is to make your life easier by helping you manage your records throughout their life cycle (creation, active use, semi-active use, and final disposition). Records management can help you to decide what to keep, what to throw away, and how to organize your records so that you can find information more easily, saving both time and space.

Government RIM Coordinator