Introduction to Lean Six Sigma

Length:          3 hours
Audience:     All employees

This workshop will provide participants with an introduction to Lean Six Sigma (LSS). Public and private sector organizations are increasingly utilizing LSS to become more efficient, improve processes and reduce waste. This session will allow participants to explore and discuss LSS tools and techniques, while gaining knowledge of LSS methodologies.

-    To acquire a basic understanding of Six Sigma and Lean and how it assists workplaces in becoming more productive
-    To provide a history and fundamentals of Lean and Six Sigma
-    To understand specific tools/processes used in LSS that assist in reducing resources and waste, while augmenting staff/client satisfaction Applications in the workplace:
-    Participants will be more knowledgeable of LSS and as a result lend support to LSS projects that may occur within their Department
-    Assists teams in problem solving and making improvements in the workplace
-    Assists leaders considering implementing a Lean Six Sigma program

Facilitator(s):  Various