Insights Workshop

Insights Workshop

Length:           3.5 hours
Audience:      All employees

In this interactive workshop, you will have the opportunity to learn about yourself and others by learning about personality type preferences that affect behaviour and communication at work and in your personal relationships.   

-    Understand your unique personality
-    Learn how different personality preferences affect relationships
-    Learn different inter-personal communication techniques

Applications in the Workplace
-    Improved decision making
-    Improved communication with your work colleagues and clients
-    Improved team effectiveness

Note: The early registration deadline for this workshop is required to prepare your individual personality profile which will be available on the day of the workshop.

Facilitator(s): Donald DesRoches, Dominique Chouinard, Leah Eldershaw, Betty MacLean, Tanya Dickey, Janet Horne, Marney MacKinnon and Lori Cormier.