Holiday Message from Staff of EAP


In this season of gratitude, all of us at EAP send our warmest wishes - and this gentle blessing - to you and your loved ones. 

May we remember to be kinder. May we remember to be gentler. May we teach our children to listen with their hearts, And by so teaching, may we listen for our own heart’s song. May we smile more, breathe more deeply, walk slower, and help sooner. On matters of principle, may we stand in the water like a rock, And in matters of love, may we follow the stream like a petal. May we not waste a minute, but never hurry. May we not be distracted, but always open. May our lives be uncluttered, but filled with memories of this Christmas time. Credit to George Kaufman

Remember if you need us, we are a phone call book a counseling session or to access EAP Services call 902-368-5738 or 1-800-239-3826 or 1-800-239-3826 (toll-free) or email All calls are completely confidential.

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