Fostering Inclusive Communication in the Workplace

Length:        3 hours
Audience:   All employees, administrative support, supervisors, managers senior executives, leaders
Understanding diversity and knowing how to communicate effectively in diverse environments is an important factor for organizational success. Are you communicating effectively in diverse contexts? How confident are you in your inclusive communication style? Through self-assessments, reflections, discussions and experiential activities, participants will explore how inclusive communications can bridge differences and support organizational goals for advancing diversity and inclusion.

-    Explain how personal communication styles show up in diverse contexts.
-    Uncover the role of "hidden" biases in workplace communications.
-    Discover how the use of language can influence communications.
-    Identify pitfalls to inclusive communications.
-    Employ strategies to achieve inclusive communications.

Facilitator: Crystal Taylor - Ebony Consulting

About the Facilitator:

All of the PSC’s new diversity and inclusion virtual courses are designed and delivered by Crystal Taylor, Founder, CEO and President of the Ebony Consulting. Crystal is a results-driven facilitator; award-winning diversity strategist, policy analyst, adult educator and coach with a passion for helping organizations and individuals build the cultural capacity they need to achieve their inclusion objectives. Crystal has helped clients in federal, provincial and municipal government levels, post-secondary and private industry embrace their human capital, unleash their diversity potential and transform their organizational cultures by infusing inclusion into their policies, practices and strategic directions.