Facilitation and Communication

Length:         Three 2 hour sessions
Audience:     All employees

Finding ways to facilitate differences of opinion over what, why or how something is done can be a way to support innovation, creativity and excellent relationships. Collaboration is about approaching those differences with the idea that finding solutions which meet the needs of everyone involved, including the organization and those it serves, is possible and paramount in a healthy work environment. This skills building session will focus on recognizing when collaboration is appropriate, preparing groups for effective participation in collaborative group process, and building the key skill of facilitating collaborative process: interest-based conflict solving.

Learning Outcomes:
-    Awareness of challenges in facilitating collaborative process.
-    Develop an understanding of how collaboration differs from other problem solving styles and when its most appropriate.
-    Develop essential skills for facilitating collaboration.
-    Learn and practice an interest-based process for collaboration.
-    Develop knowledge of how to prepare groups for effective participation in collaborative process.
-    Integrate learning at work.

Facilitator: Kirstin Lund