Equivalency for Qualifications

The 2011-2013 Corporate Human Resource Plan developed by the Public Service Commission and government departments referenced the need for research on equivalencies in lieu of formal education, and a way to evaluate equivalencies that would work within the staffing and classification processes. It was thought that this approach would encourage retention and career development for existing employees, and also improve recruitment.

During fiscal year 2011-2012, the Public Service Commission completed a project which found that an equivalency model should be developed. A review of staffing models in other provinces and territories revealed that all jurisdictions except PEI allow for some form of equivalency in their staffing processes.

In 2012-2013, the PSC tested a draft equivalency framework involving all Civil and Health Excluded positions. The initiative was well received by employers, employees and others involved in the staffing process. Recently, UPSE and the PSC agreed to introduce the model to Civil - UPSE competitions.

Equivalency Project FAQ's
Policy Statement and Guidelines