Employee Engagement Survey

Employee Engagement is the extent to which individuals find their work meaningful and energizing and feel inspired, proud and attached to their organization and their work. 1

The Public Service Commission has administered the Prince Edward Island Employee Survey about every two years since 2008.

PSC will be administering several short “pulse” surveys in 2021 instead of the traditional 60 question survey. You will notice these surveys are shorter in length and based on themes that will provide useful information on several facets of engagement at a department level. The first one is available from June 21-28th and is focused on Mental Health and Wellness.

Several jurisdictions have taken this approach during the pandemic – they still want to know how employees are doing, and so do we! By answering the questions in this survey, your department will be able to build on its strengths and address the challenges that you identify in your answers. Your comments on your job and workplace will help Shape the Future of the Public Service: supporting the growth of the province through healthy, engaging, inclusive workplaces that we’re proud to contribute to.

Frequently Asked Questions and Information - Mental Health and Wellness Pulse Survey

Key Milestones of the 2018 Survey:

  • fifth employee survey to date;
  • highest response rate yet at 68 per cent;
  • highest overall engagement index recorded at 74.7 per cent;
  • largest volume of employee comments ever.

The information from the survey provides department management teams with a great opportunity to meet with employees and discuss how to best respond to the findings. Many positive comments indicate what is working well along with ways to address challenges and improve.

Department results were shared with employees. Each department formed working groups to action specific initiatives that were implemented. In addition, corporate initiatives were implemented in 2018 and 2019. If you have questions about the Employee Engagement Survey, please contact your department HR manager.

Corporate Initiatives/ Response to Employee Engagement Results 2018

Being a Mindful Employee

1 Canadian Inter-jurisdictional Engagement Analytics Team, 2018; Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development.