Dynamics of Policy Development and Policy Innovation

Length:           Full Day
Audience:      All Employees

This workshop will provide participants with an introduction to public policy, the tools governments rely upon to deal with public policy challenges, and writing policy briefing notes and Executive Council Memorandums.  The morning portion of the workshop will examine what is public policy; how policy issues emerge and influence the government's policy agenda; and the tools governments can utilize to respond to policy challenges. The morning session will also explain the requirements for various decision-making processes within the Prince Edward Island Government. The afternoon session will introduce participants to the resources available for policy research and discuss the elements and characteristics of high quality policy work. Participants will learn effective policy writing based.

-    Learn how policy issues come onto government’s agenda and where and how they fit in the annual decision making cycle
-    Learn the requirements and expectations for decision items coming forward and the processes through which they are considered
-    Learn ways to strengthen the quality and relevance of policy work and what resources are available to assist in policy development
-    Learn how to write effective policy briefing notes, ECMs, and policy notes.

Applications in the workplace:
-    Understand the factors that shape public policy and the tools governments have to deal with policy challenges
-    The ability to bring issues forward and placed on the policy agenda in a timely fashion
-    Develop quality Executive Council Memorandum and other decision materials that meet requirements and promote good decisions
-    Build linkages between colleagues doing similar work across departments

Please note: This is a different course than Writing for Government: Executive Council Memos, Treasury Board Memos and Briefing Notes. It is recommended that participants take Writing for Government: Executive Council Memos, Treasury Board Memos and Briefing Notes first, but it is not required.

Facilitator(s):  Jeff Collins & Andrew Halliday