Conflict Management for Supervisors, Managers and Directors

Length:         Three 2 hour sessions
Supervisors, Managers and Directors

Most of us who have worked with teams have experienced the impact conflict can have on the workplace. Left unchecked, it can create a very unpleasant working environment which can have negative effects on production, quality of work and the mental health of all involved. Conflict is a normal part of working together and it’s unrealistic to think it can be eliminated. Skills can, however, be learned to manage conflict so that outcomes lead to uniquely creative teamwork and a fulfilling and positive work environment. At the heart of collaborative and creative conflict resolving is the ability to get beneath the rigid positions that people in conflict often take.
Learning outcomes:
-    Awareness of impact of conflict among employees.
-    Develop an understanding of own conflict style and how to effectively use each style to manage workplace conflict.
-    Develop ability to respond to conflict more effectively.
-    Develop ability to respond to conflict more confidently and effectively.
-    Employ strategies to reduce conflict in the workplace.
-    Integrate learning at work.

Facilitator(s): Kirstin Lund - Settlements Inc.