Coaching Skills for Performance Management Part 1

Length:      Two 2.5 hour sessions
Audience:  Supervisors, Managers, and Directors, or employees involved in coaching others

Using a coaching style of performance management supports employees to actively take responsibility and initiative - when people have a hand in creating plans, they are more likely to follow through. Coaching is a collaborative process to use with employees to continually set short and long-term performance goals and identify obstacles to goal achievement in a timely way, which increases performance and reduces conflict. Done properly, coaching builds trust, provides for continuous learning and improvement and helps employees meet their individual performance goals. Participants will leave knowing how to create a clear action plan with employees in a way that improves performance, builds positive relationships, and reduces conflict. Participants will learn how to effectively provide feedback.
Learning Outcomes: Increased understanding of how coaching differs from traditional performance management and from coaching in other contexts. Learn a simple coaching process and how to provide feedback in a way which improves performance and doesn’t damage relationships or morale.

Facilitator: Karolyn Godfrey - Winding Path Inc.