Business Writing Skills

Length:         Two 2.5 hour session
Audience:     All employees

Communication is very important in both a business and personal setting. Being able to correctly format letters, memos, emails, proposals, etc. is key in succeeding. The Business Writing course will help you with basic writing structure, writing clear and concise documents, choosing the right writing style, etc.

Learning Outcomes:
-  Preparing to Write
-  Ready to Write
-  English Grammar
-  Grammar – Sentences
-  Sentences and Fragments
-  Parallelism
-  Subject Verb and Pronoun Agreement
-  Grammar – Punctuation
-  Commas
-  Quotations
- Apostrophes
-  Additional Punctuation Marks
-  Grammar – Other Skills
-  Capitalization
-  Abbreviations
-  Homophones & Homonyms

Facilitator: Melissa Josey – Holland College