Better Together Award: Employee Recognition During COVID-19

COVID-19 has been an unprecedented time in Canada and around the world. As Prince Edward Island reacts to this evolving situation, we are enormously grateful for kindness, resiliency, flexibility, professionalism, commitment of our public service employees. You are delivering services in new and innovative ways, demonstrating positive impact, and bringing the best possible service to Islanders. We appreciate and value you!

We want to recognize employees who are exemplifying our Public Service Values for the Civil Service: Respect – Integrity - Accountability – Excellence. You may have observed an employee or group of employees who is taking extraordinary measures to help maintain government operations, assisting Islanders with new programs, and/or ensure the safety of all of us in Prince Edward Island. If so, you can recognize them by completing the attached fill-able “Better Together Award” employee recognition certificate. Please note that you can recognize any employee, a group of employees, or even an entire department for living the Public Service Values.

Nominate in just 2 easy steps:

1.       Simply fill out and save the Better Together certificate (and save it)

2.       Email the form to:

a.       The employee (or group of employees),

b.       Cc. Their supervisor, and

c.        Cc. The department’s HR Manager


Thank you for your dedication to the civil service!