2023 Engagement and Collaboration Award

2023 Engagement and Collaboration Award

This award recognizes a contribution to government and citizens of PEI through meaningful engagement with the public and cross-departmental collaboration with relevant stakeholders and partners, resulting in a positive impact.

This year’s award is presented to Dr. Suqi Liu for her work in Agriculture on Crop Adaptation to Climate Change!

Dr. Liu began her work as the department's research scientist collaborating with colleagues at Agriculture and Agri-food Canada; sharing lab space, expertise and knowledge on wireworm and its effects on Island crops. During the COVID-19 pandemic, she was assigned a large, new project: a 5-year study on the effects of climate change on Island agricultural crops in order to better equip producers of agricultural crops for the demands of climate change.

Dr. Liu is an entomologist by trade and this new project required quick adaption and a move outside her comfort zone; a daunting task for most, and she embraced this new challenge with her typical smile, open mind, willing attitude and good nature. Dr. Liu consulted many subject matter experts and colleagues in agriculture; both in her own department and in other provinces, in other countries and other levels and branches of government. She has involved and collaborated with industry organizations, producers, academia and students and is keen to accept feedback to ensure the maximum benefit of the project is realized. She has done this with such professionalism, friendliness and dedication that she has quickly become a popular and valued partner to many organizations and working groups. Dr. Liu has demonstrated that empowering agricultural producers with relevant, easy to use tools and information will result in the greatest success for adapting to climate change.  

We thank Dr. Liu and her entire team in the Department of Agriculture for demonstrating the wonderful impacts of engagement and collaboration to benefit Island crops.

Congratulations Dr. Liu!

Pictured: Premier Dennis King, Dr. Suqi Liu, and Dan Campbell, Clerk of the Executive Council and Secretary to Cabinet