2021 Premier's Excellence in Leadership Award

This award recognizes an outstanding contribution to the citizens and Government of Prince Edward Island, while demonstrating excellence in leadership that embodies the overarching Public Service Leadership Competencies: Influence and Self Awareness, Builds Relationships, Leads Others, and Focuses on Results.

We are pleased to announce this year's winner is Kelley Rayner, Director of Primary Care and Chronic Disease and the Pandemic Operations Branch, with Health PEI.

When Health PEI met the effects of COVID-19 head-on over a year ago, and began the process of pandemic planning, Kelley embraced and excelled in this challenging and all-encompassing role.

By adapting and creating new plans for service areas in Health PEI’s pandemic response, Kelley showed leadership in assisting with the response as the team hurriedly prepared for the potential emergence of COVID-19 in our Province. Kelley’s leadership style ensured that the team she led gave their best and allowed Health PEI to be ready.
As we navigate through the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, I want to thank Kelley and her team for doing their part and giving their best every day to support the needs of Health PEI and Islanders during an extremely strenuous time.

Congratulations, Kelley Rayner!