2021 Engagement and Collaboration Award

This award recognizes a significant contribution to government and citizens of Prince Edward Island through meaningful engagement with the public and cross-departmental collaboration with relevant stakeholders and partners, resulting in a positive impact.

This year’s award is being presented to the Student Well-Being Teams of PEI.

The Student Well-Being Teams are comprised of professionals from the Department of Justice and Public Safety and the Department of Health and Wellness, and work within the Department of Education and Lifelong Learning. These teams engage in and provide meaningful mental health support to students and families across PEI.

They have worked effectively as a team of professionals made up of Outreach Workers, Social Workers, and Registered Nurses, and are a great example of successful collaboration across three departments.

The Student Well-Being Teams continue to work together to assist with complex situations inside our schools, as well as in our communities.

Congratulations, to the Student Well-Being Teams!

Premier Dennis King, Emily Freeze, Keri Thompson, Julie Morrison and Dan Campbell