2021 Douglas MacMaster Memorial Occupational Health and Safety Award

We have an important award presentation to wrap up Public Service Week 2021. The Douglas MacMaster Memorial Occupational Health and Safety Award was first introduced in 2006 and is designed to celebrate individual or team achievements by government employees in the promotion and development of health and safety.

The award honours the work of Doug MacMaster, a long serving employee of the Provincial Forestry program. Doug was a Forest Safety Supervisor who taught chainsaw and woods safety courses and made great strides to improve worker safety in our forest industry. Sadly, Doug passed away in 2004 and in his memory we honour others who also make significant contributions to develop safer workplaces on Prince Edward Island.

This year, we are pleased to announce the winner is the Land Division, with the Department of Agriculture and Land.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, staff in the Land Division implemented safety measures and have been able to continue to process permit applications for the busy construction industry, implement the National Building Code and amend Build Codes Act Regulations. This was a great accomplishment for the team, as it ensures further safety measures for Islanders.

An important goal of the Land Division continues to be the protection of public health and safety for staff and all Islanders.

Congratulations, to the Land Division!

Premier Dennis King, Jon MacDonald, Jeremy Blakely and Tanya Towell